MS Azureへの『侵入テスト申請書(Penetration Testing Approval Form)』の提出方法について 

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 ① Problem Type [ Legal and Compliance ]

 ② Category  [ Request for penetration testing ] 


 最後に、『申請書』をアップロード。(つまり『申請フォーム(Penetration Testing Approval Form)』を添付する必要がある。)


Penetration Testing Process 

Name (Primary contact point)


Email address


Phone number


Windows Azure subscription ID


  1. What is the purpose of your test?

I will assist you with the request after obtaining necessary information related to the Microsoft Azure Account and Penetration Testing.I will be additionally engaging our Penetration Test Engineering team for necessary approval.

-  Need to know vulnerability for new environment

-  Confirm that penetration tools (ie. Nessus, Metasploit)

-  Confirm that patch status currently

   2. Who is carrying out the penetration test (Internal Team or Third Party)?

Internal Test Operator:  (former Senior Security Analyst Symantec SOC operation center in Tokyo)

   3. N/A (サードベンダーを利用する場合は書く)

   4.  If you answered Yes, then provide the following information for these tests:


i.   Target DNS name(s) for the testing
ii.  Test start date and time with time zone (+/- GMT)
iii. Test end date and time with time zone (+/- GMT)

    5. Does your penetration testing exercise include tests other than Standard Tests      (defined below)?   

Brief description of test

List all features that you are targeting (e.g., SQL Azure, Windows Azure storage, Windows Azure Compute)

Target DNS names for testing (*

From where will the test be launched?

(IP address of hosts)

If applicable, name of open source/ commercial tool that will be used

Test start date and time with time zone (+/- GMT)

Test End date and
time with time zone (+/- GMT)






 6. Additional comments

Implementation schedule to be determined for the virtual environment during Azure configuration. The following standard tests will be subject to expedited review:

1)      Tests on your endpoints to uncover OWASP Top 10 web vulnerabilities

2)      Fuzz testing on your endpoints

3)      SANS 20




First, tell us about the problem you need help with…
Legal and compliance
I want to request penetration testing.



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